SGMP Film Productions Management Course

"Think Simple, Think Logic"

Video Testimonials


Learnt Alot

I finally realise how elaborate a production schedule could be after attending the Production Management Course. As Clifford reiterated, how smooth the filming goes, boils down to how organised your Line Producer is. What I would suggest to all media practitioners is to cooperate and give our producers our full support. To be a producer, one requires a high degree of enthusiasm and passion.

Yan Bin

Very Helpful

The system that were taught in this course is very helpful to me even though my current projects are relatively small. To go in scale I need to have a good system in place which I need to practice. Moving on, I can grow my team and take up bigger projects.

Louis Chang

Engaging Lessons

This course helps me to revise the technique of breaking down a script and the thinking logic of unearthing the hidden information form each scene so as for us to better
appreciate all possible elements and list them down to the breakdown sheets.


Great Teacher!

I was so glad that Clifford has given us a full set of budgeting template and its contents. He also guided us how to keep an up-to-date account system.


Eye Opener

As an Assistant Director before, I had never gotten a chance to hands on a Production Strip Board to plan for a list of shooting schedules. It is an eye opener for me indeed and I’m quite excited to be able to become a Line Producer in the near future.


Unexpected Learning

I didn’t expect to learn so much from the course as in how to get organised the preproduction stage. The system that’s the course taught us was really making and it is not just helping me how to breakdowns screenplay further to develop it to Call Sheets, but also how to examine all small little details of every stage to avoid all potential hit up that might occur if we were not careful.