Discover Your potential with us

Who Should Attend?

Professionals From All Industries

- YOUTUBERS who want to upgrade their filming production skills
- New Entrepreneur to market their Online Businesses.
- Marketing and Sales Representatives

Lifestyle Creators

- Travelers
- Vloggers
- Adventures
- Hobby Seekers Family Activities

Course Highlights

  • How to structure a production script fast.
  • The Jargons of video shoot: Stand upper, Vox-Pop, Montage, B Rolls, VO, OS. Cut away etc
  • Shots sizes and camera movements
  • 180 degrees Rules
  • How to present yourself infront of a camera (smartphone) for your own Facebook or social media.

  • To learn the various types of editing: Cuts & Transition
  • How to edit on smartphone
  • On location shoots exercise

  •  Editing and scripting
  •  Voice over and music
  • Subtitle and audio mixed down

Course Availability

Total Cost of Training

S$650.00 per trainee (excluding GST)*


Feb 2020


1, 8, 15 February 2020. SATURDAYS

Length of Course Duration

3 days

* Singaporean can make payment by using their SkillsFuture credit up to $500.00.

# Subject to the confirmation of Minimum 4 participants, Maximum 20 per class.

Videos Created By Smart Phone

SGMP Marketing Video Production Course 2020


Payment Method
  1. Once the application is done, invoice will be issued to applicants for the submission to Skillsfuture online.
  2. Course fees of $500.00 will be disbursed to training providers by Skillsfuture credit subject to the amount left over in each participant’s SFC account.
  3. Participants will have to top up the balance of the course fees less available Skillsfuture Credit approved amount.
About the Skillsfuture Credit Claim
  1. Log in to
  2. 2. Applicants are advised to obtain their 2FA for their Singpass Log in.
  3. Follow the instructions of Skillsfuture Credit Website by entering SGMP PTE LTD as the Trainer of the Course OR select the Course Title: Smartphone Marketing Video Production Course.
  4. Standby the invoice issued by SGMP PTE LTD to be attached to Skillsfuture Credit website.