Course Contents

On completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Read, break down a script by identifying script elements into various components, casts, extras, background, etc
  • Amalgamate quotes into an overall budgetary framework for presentation to the approval team.
  • Create a working schedule for a script and present the schedule for approval.

Underpinning Knowledge

A competent individual needs to know and understand:

  1. The elements of story and script structure
  2. How to identify production elements found in a script
  3. How to apply scheduling & timeline methodologies to script analysis
  4. How to apply budgetary methodologies to script analysis
  5. How to effectively schedule a production
  6. How to troubleshoot and adapt to ever-changing conditions; to problem solve situations that arise during the script breakdown process, brainstorm possible solutions, and determine and implement the best solution to the issue

Course Overview

Total Cost of Training

S$1,600.00 per trainee (excluding GST)

Certification Title

WSQ Breakdown a Script

Area of Training

Broadcasting, Publishing & Media

Language Medium Provided


Framework Industry Conceptualised

Creative Industries

Nature of Training

Publicly-conducted course

Target Audience

Manager, Production Scheduler, Production Coordinator

Length of Course Duration

4 days

Mode of Training

Training and Assessment
Training Hrs: 28.5 hours
Assessment Hrs: 1.5 hours
Total hours: 30 hours

Education Target Group

'O' Level or equivalent, 'A' Level or equivalent, Polytechnic Diploma, University First Degree

Target Training Group

Managerial, Supervisory