Why does “The Analogue Factory” send their Staff to SGMP Production Course?

— Keith Chia reveals

17 December 2021

Keith 20

The Analogue Factory first started off as a music backline company catering musical instruments to small and large concerts in Singapore.

Some of the things that we do, include Studio Renting, Rental of drums, Guitar Amplifiers and Keyboards.

So we still slowly built on this line of services and started providing Sound Enforcement, Lighting, Reinforcement, LED wall, various technical event production as well.

During COVID19, our industry took a turn to the worst. We generally feel that our clients are starting to ask us for different kinds of services, such as videography work.

So during this period of time, I actually sent my employees to SGMP to take out series of courses.

These nine courses actually develop and expose them to take on various roles from sound engineers, videographers, directors, producers, and many more.

One of the courses that they teach includes Broadcasting, which teaches them to use a Vmix system to conduct and produce virtual event show.

After 9 weeks of rigorous training, I sent my first batch of staff for the first broadcast On-Job-Training.

Mastering the sound recording, master control, sound mixing and camera operations, my staff are able to utilise SGMP skills framework to plan the technical signal flow using VMIX as its master control.

My staff are so much confident after the course,in integrating audio and video content to broadcast a super scene out to any web cast server; Facebook, Zoom, Web Platform.

Using the knowledge acquired from the course, my staff are able to transmit a live band performance, from a Green Room Studio that owned by The Analogue Factory, to an Anchor Point that Live-Streamed the event. From there, the performance can be enjoyed by the audience during COVID-19 period.

The entire staff work as a team and use Ear Tec as a communication device to deliver clear and pristine instruction among themselves.

I feel that SGMP course is very relevant to today’s industry and will definitely recommend it to my peers.

SGMP Post Note:
Thanks to The Analogue Factory for sponsoring their staff to attend SGMP Production Course in WSQ framework, which are funded by Singapore Skillsfuture.