We are Great, as long as we know it!

25 January 2021


Do you agree that so much of online content is plagued by lazy scripts that suspend the viewer’s sense of storytelling ?


The art of scriptwriting has always been regarded as a kind of gifted SUPERPOWER!


It’s been said that: “Stories move through the known world into the unknown world, and back again. Creating change in the characters and their world. ” This becomes the basis of story structure that can be disassembled through a creative analysis.


This four-day intensive course at SGMP will take you through screenwriting from the screenwriting process, concept mastery, case analysis, and hands-on exercises to understand the creative skills of short-film script delve into the core of screenwriting!


While someone watches a movie and can only say: “Wow, the story is so nice to watch”, you may say something that is too professional in the same vein!


Charm your family and friends with your impressive professional critiques; movie-nights will never be the same again! This might make you the life of the party, or it may make you annoying!


Please use your skills wisely after attending our “Script And Story Development” module and keep a low profile. For we would know by then, that: “We are great, as long as we know it!