Multi Camera Live Stream & Broadcasting Lesson

22 March 2021

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Author: Jordan Woo, APEX

Recently, our team attended a film production course by SGMP Pte. Ltd. To our surprise, one of the lessons covered the topic of multi camera live stream & broadcasting. We were expecting to only learn about filming and production planning through this course, in the end we got more than we asked for!

APEX is in the events and digital media industry and one of our main services is to provide our clients with live stream & broadcasting solutions for their virtual events. We have always wanted to improve on this area of our business. Through this lesson, our team was pleased to understand more on the production techniques and knowledge of the television broadcasting industry. 

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Even though both event and television industries provide a similar kind of live stream solution to clients, in actual fact the production set-up and project objectives are very different from each other. The operation procedure, camera equipment, execution techniques, project planning, manpower and event type is definitely much more complex for the television broadcasting industry. 

In order for us to relate better, Mr Clifford Ng used his past project (Star Search 1993) as a case study during this lesson where he was the Executive Producer cum Director for this show. We watched the video and paused in between frames to listen to the man himself explain what went on behind the scenes during that specific moment. Our team started getting really excited because it was so relatable to what we are doing right now for our projects. Questions were being asked continuously that it was hard to answer all of them at once.


You can watch the video below.

Our team definitely had a stronger sense of understanding for the television broadcasting industry in general after this lesson. We had a long debrief at the end of the day to brainstorm on how we can implement what we learned and make it suitable for our existing company business. Mr Clifford Ng gave some ideas on how we can use certain production techniques and equipment in the television industry to use it for our event projects. It was really a fruitful and productive learning experience for our company team members.

Through this lesson, we believe we have gotten a huge edge over our competitors in our industry who are also providing similar live stream services. Our team at APEX will be very much looking forward to our next few lessons and strive to add value to our company through this entire SGMP film production course.