Learn Short Film Scriptwriting In Just Four Days!

06 May 2021


Everyone Has An Interesting Story, That You Can Tell In One of the Rarest Artforms Globally.

Before your favourite film was screened, before the first actor or actress got cast, the Screenplay was already in full swing! 

It is often said that the Screenplay is the film’s backbone. A blueprint that forms the sturdy scaffolding the crew and talent build upon to create a gorgeous, emotionally-resonant movie.

However, the role of a screenwriter is so often ignored!People who seek to be screenwriters are rare. Which is such a shame, as everyone has their own interesting story to tell.

In SGMP, we will teach you in four days how to create the backbone of a film— a “Script And Story Development” course that lets you share the limelight with a Film director.

What You’ll Learn:

We’ll see how an Oscar award winning short “The Stutterer” was created starting from an Idea, Character building, Story Structure and Stylish Presentation.

We shall also examine how many Dan Harmon Story Circles could be used to constitute the story structure of the film “The Silence of the Lambs”.

Using our training, two of our students cleverly adapted the “Whiplash” from a featured film with 100 cover scenes, to an astonishing 11-scene short film without losing the gist of the story.

KELVIN AND JO ON “WHIPLASH”—Adaptation Exercise For Script And Story Development (Script Writing)

In “Whiplash”, the mentor character Terence Fletcher claimed: 

There are no two words in the English Language more harmful than “Good Job”.

This is the Philosophical Value uncovered in the story, which is revealed using the techniques of Story Structure, Character Arcs, the Protagonist’s wants and beliefs, and putting obstacles to their wants and beliefs to create conflict and change.

That’s a lot to know. But not to worry, aspiring screenwriters.

We trust you can do it too!You have a story inside of you, just waiting to burst out and be known to the world! Will you just let it languish, untold? Or are you going to let it out! 

Our scriptwriting courses can make that happen… 

But wait, there’s more! Our module also guides you on how to present your Story Pitch to any prospective film producers. A must if you want to release a professional, high-budget film. 

Find out more information in this link:

WSQ Module 5 – Script & Story Development