A Production Exercise on Interviewing with Multi-Cameras

By Norman Leong The Analogue Factory

“ But jokes aside, we would like to thank Mr Clifford Ng for a his time and dedication is teaching us throughout the course and would like to say that we are confident in tackling any future events.”

25 November 2021


Today, we did a project entitled ‘SGMP talk show’ where we get to experience what a real filming project is like. 

Fortunately, we were all already taught what to do during the course which made the process of setting up the cameras and lighting much easier. We had three cameras where cam 1 was on the left, cam 2 was on the middle and cam 3 was on the right. 

The plan was that Cam 1 and 3 will be crosscut between the two casts and Cam 2 will be the master shot. This was to give the audiences a more immersive feeling when watching the video.

Mr. Clifford Ng also gave the two casts pointers on how to conduct an interview and how it can be tastefully done which was really useful as it helped the casts relax and be in a more natural state. We all had our laughs when a mix of sing-lish was added into the interview which really helped in removing the tense and tired atmosphere on set. Even though we had to reshoot, we were enjoying every minute of it as jokes here and there were being said and the tow casts were also slowly getting accustomed in doing their roles as the questions and answers were flowing seamlessly out of their mouths as they continue their interview. 

Furthermore, we also used V-mix for our live recording which was an entirely new experience for all of us but we were able to get the gist of how it works through the help of the other members there. However, we had some trouble here and there like the audio cable wasn’t working, the visual between V-mix and the camera was different and the realignment of the cameras and the casts to get the best position but this was to be expected as we can’t expect our very first run to be perfect. 

Luckily, we were able to solve the problems rather quickly as one of our technical crew came up with a solution with the help of our boss and we were able to quickly proceed with the shoot without wasting much time. 

We also operated on a sound mixer to ensure that the music being played was at an appropriate volume and was able to fit naturally into the video. This was important as without it, our video would have been boring and dull. 

Overall, we ended the shoot with a job well done as everyone did their best in their role on set which really helped in our efficiency in doing things and we did a good job on working together to get the job done. 

Lastly, we would like to thank Mr Clifford Ng for his time and dedication in teaching us throughout the course and that we are confident in tackling any future events. 

Before I end it off, here are some of his quotes that he always says to us ‘Never Compromise’, ‘Think simple, think logic’ and who could forget “when I was 15, I started my DJ gig so by the time I was your age, I was already a professional so you should be able to do so too”.