Behind the shooting video production and lighting set for filming which movie crew team working and silhouette shadow of camera and professional equipment in big studio for commercial advertising.

M5 – Script & Story Development







Module is best for


Script Writer, Research Writer, Videographer, Casting, Line Producer, Production Manager

Course Date


Intake: (Saturday & Sunday)
24 September and 25 September 2022
1 October and 2 October 2022
8 October and 9 October 2022

Funding, Fees & Absentee Allowance

Individual (Regular)

Funding : $1,000.00
Nett Fee : $1,000.00

Individual (Mid-Career)
Company Sponsored Trainee (SME)
Company Sponsored Mid-Career (SME)
Company Sponsored Trainee (Non-SME)
Company Sponsored Mid-Career (Non-SME)

*Courses are subsidized by Skillsfuture Singapore.

*Enjoy 50-70% funding of course fees.

*Company sponsored are entitled for Absentee Payroll.

*Individual of 40 years old and above will enjoy the same funding and Skillsfuture credit could be used too.

*Freelancers who owe a Declared SME company are advised to sign up under Company sponsored category.

*Beginners may consider signing the entire package of the above 9 modules.