You are waiting for the lift, and lo and behold, standing beside you is Steven Spielberg. He’s also waiting for the lift. The lift car door opens. Both of you step into the lift. You have 30 seconds before Steven Spielberg reaches another 6 floors up to pitch your idea to him. What are you […]

Learn Short Film Scriptwriting In Just Four Days!

Everyone Has An Interesting Story, That You Can Tell In One of the Rarest Artforms Globally. Before your favourite film was screened, before the first actor or actress got cast, the Screenplay was already in full swing!  It is often said that the Screenplay is the film’s backbone. A blueprint that forms the sturdy scaffolding […]

Organise Your Filmmaking! Several Ways Filmmakers Waste Time And Effort

Author: Jason Cayanan, APEX Filmmaking seems to be a dream job, isn’t it? After all, almost everyone has a favourite film or television series of some sort, and it’s a filmmaker’s job to create those experiences. Being a filmmaker, you can boss around celebrities, film cool action scenes, and have your face plastered all over […]

First Day Of Course – an insight by a new student

Author: Jason Cayanan, APEX Hello, my name is Jason Cayanan, a Assistant Producer at Asia Pacific Exhibitors (APEX for short). I will be writing about a specific lesson in a five-day Direction and Production module, conducted by Clifford Ng. Clifford Ng is an old hand in the media industry, having more than three decades of […]

Multi Camera Live Stream & Broadcasting Lesson

Author: Jordan Woo, APEX Recently, our team attended a film production course by SGMP Pte. Ltd. To our surprise, one of the lessons covered the topic of multi camera live stream & broadcasting. We were expecting to only learn about filming and production planning through this course, in the end we got more than we […]

We are Great, as long as we know it!

Do you agree that so much of online content is plagued by lazy scripts that suspend the viewer’s sense of storytelling ?   The art of scriptwriting has always been regarded as a kind of gifted SUPERPOWER!   It’s been said that: “Stories move through the known world into the unknown world, and back again. […]