Application Form

Note: Company will have to login to to submit claims for Absentee Payroll Funding




Individual Sponsored participants who are Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above may make payment for the deposit with their SkillsFuture credit accounts after registration with the issued invoice for the course.

The SkillsFuture credit will by default direct the payment to SGMP upon receiving the invoice attached to its portal during claim application.

Company sponsored course will not be eligible for SkillsFuture credit.


SME Declaration

1. Companies of non-SME are encouraged to declare SME to enjoy up to 90% funding:

2. Once your company has obtained the “Assigned CorpPass credentials, you would login to, search for Digital Service, click on Small Medium Enterprise(SME) Declaration.

3. Please get information of your company’s business status ready for the declaration accordingly.

4. Once submitted, you will be notified the confirmation of SME status. The duration of processing will take about a month to complete.


Payment Method

Upon confirmation of the course selected, a Tax Invoice will be issued to all participants or companies.

Individual Sponsored applicants (for Singaporeans and PR Only) may opt to make payment by using their SkillsFuture Credit as part of the course fees. Balance of the course fees could be made by Fund Transfer.


Bank Details:

Account Name: SGMP PTE LTD

Bank Name: DBS Current Account

Account No.: 106-903880-4


*For more information regarding absentee payroll claims, please click here.